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Coin Master game tip, our best tips!

In Coin Master it is possible to progress more quickly thanks to various tips, here are our advice!

Coin Master is a game where you have to spin a roulette wheel to earn coins. With these coins, you can improve your villages, and thus progress in the game. The game is quite simple to play and is accessible to everyone!

Behind its simplistic appearance, Coin Master hides a strategic part that is perhaps important to know in order to start and progress more quickly in the game. Because you'll spend a lot of time in Coin Master, so you might as well optimize it directly to gain a maximum of time, turns and coins.

Our best tips for playing Coin Master

Recovering daily free spins

Every day the developers of Coin Master post on their social networks free links that allow you to get free spins and coins. To help you get all the links, every day on Coin Master Free Links we listthem for you . And even better, you can activate the notifications on our site which will notify you when a new link is available! And if you are more newsletterwe have a daily one listing the latest Coin Master news and new free links!

Keepyour pet active

It's pretty basic but feeding your pet will give you extra bonuses when you play. The bonus effect lasts for 4 hours, so there is no point in feeding your pet if you don't play much or at all in the following hours. Why not? Because as you will not be there, you will not benefit from the bonus provided by your animal, and thus you use useless resources to feed it. The trick is to feed your pet only when you spend time on the game.

Do notuse directly your card collections

Sometimes it's quite easy to get cards through trading, etc. But often when players play, once they have the full card collection, they use it directly to get the bonus. Why don't you do that? Simply because you can keep them to use them at the best time. Imagine that you are missing some coins to finish your village and that you have no more turns, thanks to the collection that you have kept aside you can have turns and thus finish your village. This will limit the attacks that you could have undergone the time to have new turns.

Manage your coins well

You will have more and more coins as the game goes on, but you will also need more and more. The mistake you should not make is to use allyour coins in the Viking events or in the chests. The main goal of Coin Master is not to collect cards, but to improve your village. If you spend all your coins to get cards, you won't have enough to improve your village, so you will stagnate in the game.

Diggingtwo holes at once

This trick is quite simple, when you have three pigs in the wheel you can go and plunder the coins of a player. Problem, you have 4 choices but only 3 tries. The first trick is to click on the crosses near the buildings. When you have only one more try and you haven't dug the empty hole, you can click on the two remaining holes with your two fingers, only the one with coins will open.