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Coin Master invite your friends : send your link in Coin Master ?

In Coin Master, sending your link can earn you spins and trade with your friends, we show you how to send it.

If you are on this article it means that you really want toinvite people to play Coin Master with you but you don't know how to do it. In this article we will explain step by step how to do it and what are the advantages of inviting friends.

Inviting friends has many advantages to progress in the game. Every day you can send and receive coins and tricks for free. You can also exchange duplicate cards with your friends and vice versa! And for every friend you invite who doesn't play Coin Master yet, you'll win 40 free spins! A lot of bonuses that are not negligible to progress in Coin Master, especially since the game favors collaboration.

How to invite friends with your link on Coin Master?

Inviting friends to Coin Master and sending your link is really easy. First of all, go to the drop-down menu on the top right, then go to your friends list. Once in your friends list, you will see a big green button with "Invite Friends" written on it, click on it. You then have two choices:

  • A green button that allows you tosend your link wherever you want (we'll come back to this later).
  • A blue button that allows you to send your link on Messenger. You can easily send it to the people you want, or in the groups you are in. You can even create a group by clicking on "create group" at the top right!

If you don't want to send your link on Messenger, you've understood that it's the green button that interests us. By clicking on it, you will have the choice between all the applications you have, click on the one you want and then you just have to send your link. If you are not comfortable and you just want to have the link to send it to whoever you want afterwards, click on the "Copy to clipboard" button, all you have to do is paste your link in the discussion of your choice.

As you can see, inviting your friends to Coin Master is a real advantage for making the most of the game.