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Free Coin Master Tour: how to win?

There are different ways to get free tricks in Coin Master. We explain how!

In Coin Master, if there's one thing you need to have to play, it's spins. Without spins (or energy), it's impossible to run the slot machine and therefore, earn coins to upgrade your village.

But don't worry, there are plenty of tricks to get free spins and if you don't know all of them, we'll tell you about them in this article!

Free spins in Coin Master

Free links for spins

The first thing to know is that there are free daily links to get free spins in Coin Master. These links can be found daily on our site. They can give you up to 100 extra spins for free and legally!

With these links you can get up to 100 extra spins for free and legally!

Invite your friends

If you have a lot of friends and they don't play Coin Master, invite them to play with the invitation tool integrated in the game! This will allow you to win dozens or even hundreds of rounds depending on your level. And it's free too.

Complete the card collections in Coin Master

As you know, you can collect cards and collect them. When you complete a collection, you get a large number of spins, which are naturally free because they are given away as you progress.

Play regularly and be patient

Of course, there are other ways to get free spins, even if you have to be patient or lucky:

  • every hour, the game regenerates free spins for you;
  • when you launch the slot machine, you have a chance to land on the three energy logos and thus get additional free spins;
  • when you open a gift box, you have a chance to get free spins in Coin Master.

Don't hesitate to tell us if you have any other tips, we are always looking for new techniques!