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Gold cards in Coin Master, how to get them?

Cards give bonuses in Coin Master, but gold cards give bigger bonuses, we show you how to get them!

In Coin Master it is possible from the third village onwards to obtaincard collections. These collections of cards have an important role because they allow you to obtain bonuses such as bonus rounds or animals!

Amongthese cards are the gold cards. These cards work like the basic cards but are rarer and give better bonuses! This will allow you to progress and improve your villages more quickly!

How to get cards in Coin Master?

You can find all the card collections in the " Card Collection" tab. Each collection consists of 9 cards, and you need to have a complete collection in order to get the bonus, so it's a bit of a challenge!

Inorder to complete them, you have to unlock them! Don't worry, to unlock them you just have to level up your village. There are a total of 73 map collections ranging from village number 3 to village number 255.


But you might be wondering how the cards are unlocked! You can come across chests when you loot your friends (no mercy cards), when you complete your village or you can buy them with coins in the game shop. There are several different chests, including the wooden one that holds 4 cards, the golden one that holds 6 cards and the magical one that holds 8 cards. Knowing that these chests are the most common.

How do I get gold cards in Coin Master?

The rarer the chest, the more likely you are to get a gold card. It is also important to know that gold cards can only be found in higher level villages.

It is also possible to get more gold cards at events. You can also exchange them at specific events.

It isalso possible to find a joker card in a joker chest, which allows you to unlock the card of your choice, even among the gold cards.