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How old do I have to be to play Coin Master?

Before playing a game or letting someone play, it's always good to know what the recommended age is. We give you the answer for Coin Master.

Even if the universe of Coin Master is similar to a cartoon for children, the game's universe is not necessarily suitable for them. Coin Master is a simulation of gambling. In the hands of a young person, it could be dangerous. That's why Moon Active has set up a PEGI 12 (Pan European Game Information).

But what does PEGI 12 mean? Can a child under 12 years old play Coin Master? We explain it all in detail but the answer is no.

Coin Master is a PEGI 12 game

Officially, here's what the regulations for PEGI 12 games say: when a game is PEGI 12, it is forbidden to children under 12. Unlike PEGI 7 or 3 which are more open, and this regulation is understandable for Coin Master.

Since Coin Master is a casino slot machine simulation, it is only natural that younger children should not be given this game. Addiction can be extremely harmful and even though it is forbidden for a player under the age of 12 to play it, the vigilance should be the same for adults.

In addition, there are micro-transactions in Coin Master. Spending money for a young person can be done without necessarily realizing it. Thus, you are advised to be extremely careful when playing Coin Master. You don't have to pay to win and have fun, quite the opposite. If you want to put money into the game, you can of course, but be careful and watch your spending.