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What are the stars for in Coin Master?

Have you ever wondered what the stars are for in Coin Master? We'll explain it all to you!

"I have more stars than you", "How many stars do you have? " are phrases we've all heard as Coin Master players. However, stars don't mean that you're any better in the game, even if they do give you an idea of which village you're in.

If you have any specific questions about the stars, don't hesitate to ask us. All you need to know about the stars is that they are used to create a ranking. This is the rating that you will find in the game when you compare yourself to your friends or to other Coin Master players.

The star rating in Coin Master

There are different ways to earn stars in Coin Master:

  • Every time you upgrade a building you earn a star;
  • When you upgrade a pet, you earn a ton of stars;
  • Each time you get a card in your collection, you earn stars according to its rarity, but be careful because if you already have the card, its stars don't count.

In the end, you can be behind in villages but ahead in stars if you were lucky with the cards or the experience you gained with your pets.

A tip if you ever get taunted by a friend: always give experience to your pets, even if you don't use them. You can easily earn several tens or hundreds of stars and make up for a little delay!