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When to buy chests in Coin Master?

In the Coin Master shop, you can buy chests. But when should you buy them, and more importantly, should you buy them?

If you have coins and you don't know what to do with them, there is a solution so that you don't get looted too much. This solution is to buy chests in the Coin Master shop. To get there, just open the menu and click on "Coins/Tricks". But be careful, because in this shop you can also spend euros to get towers or coins. So don't make any mistakes when you buy a chest or two!

This technique of buying chests can save you a lot of time in Coin Master.

Chests in Coin Master

You can buy three types of chests in Coin Master:

  • Wooden Chest (with 2 cards)
  • Gold Chest (with 4 cards)
  • Magic Chest (with 8 cards)

Depending on the level of your village, the price of each chest will vary, but as you can imagine, the more cards the chest has, the more expensive it is.

By the way, do you know what cards are used for in Coin Master? Spending your extra coins is good, but knowing why you're spending them is better! In Coin Master, there are collections of 9 cards. When a collection is completed, it earns you tricks and sometimes even animals! By the way, if you're wondering which animal to choose in Coin Master, we'll give you some hints.

As you've seen in this article and as you can see in the game, you don't have to spend money on chests. Buying chests should not be your priority, but you should think about it when you don't have enough coins to improve your village. Sometimes you'll have 50 million left over and it would be a shame if your friend stole it...