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Which animal to choose in Coin Master ?

Foxy, Tiger or Rhino: which animal should you play in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, animals play a central role. They give you different advantages that you can use depending on your gameplay. Depending on the animal you choose, you can be better protected against attacks on your village or you can earn more coins by looting.

Which of Foxy, the Tiger or the Rhino should you choose on Coin Master?

How do I unlock animals in Coin Master?

There is no secret to unlocking animals: you have to cross your fingers when you open a chest. In each chest, you receive a number of cards that vary according to its rarity. These cards are used to complete collections of cards (called "sets" in Coin Master).

Animals in Coin Master


Name: Foxy

Special feature: Allows you to loot a fourth time during a loot

Unlock: Complete the "COMPANIONS" collection (1st)


Name : Tiger

Special feature: Allows you to get extra coins when you attack another player

Unlock: Complete the "BEASTS" collection (3rd)


Name: Rhino

Special feature: Allows you to protect your village from attacks; replaces shields

Unlock : Complete the "CREATURES" collection (5th)

How do I activate an animal in Coin Master?

Once you've unlocked an animal, you'll see that it's on the bottom left of your phone. To activate it, you'll need to feed it and there are two ways to do this:

  • Use the daily food provided for free each day;
  • Use the food you get from passing levels or from the shop.

Each time you feed your pet, it is active for 15 minutes.

Foxy, Tiger or Rhino, which animal should you choose in Coin Master?

Each animal has its own specificities, strengths and weaknesses. But when you compare their use, you'll find that Foxy (the fox) is the best for several reasons:

  • when the Tiger attacks, if the opponent has a shield it will bring back few coins;
  • the Rhino is a too passive animal that does not bring back coins;

On the other hand, Foxy allows you to accumulate many more coins and above all, you can get it very quickly by completing the collection of "COMPANIONS" cards.