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Connection lost Coin Master, what to do?

If you have a connection problem with Coin Master, either with "connection lost" or "lost connection", is there a solution?

When playing Coin Master, you've probably already encountered that error message with an ultra-stressful timer scrolling across the bottom of your phone. This message tells you that you've lost your connection and therefore can't play the game anymore. In these cases, what to do? Is it possible to recover your connection or is it a problem with the Coin Master servers?

In this article, we will explain all the different cases, because often, the fault does not necessarily lie with you. From time to time, and extremely rarely, Coin Master servers are under maintenance or experience slowdowns. But in a few minutes, it's fixed, so sometimes you just have to wait!

How to fix the lost connection bug on Coin Master?

One thing is sure, miracle solutions telling you that you have to uninstall the game, install an extra plugin are false solutions.Coin Master is a game developed by a publisher with technical teams. The application itself is enough and if the problems persist after several days, we advise you to contact the support (link).

Where can the problems come from to get the "connection lost" message?

  1. From a connection problem on your part, always check that you are in Wi-Fi or 4G and that in any case, you have a good enough connection (little trick: launch a YouTube video to be sure you have a good enough connection)
  2. An updateproblem, sometimes the updates are not done automatically and can create small bugs; in this case, go to the Coin Master page on the Play Store (Android) and on theApp Store (iOS) in order to check this
  3. A Coin Master problem, in these cases, you just have to wait but the problems never last long!