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Notification Coin Master, how to activate them to get the free spins links?

If you want to be informed about Coin Master's free links for spins and coins, activate the notifications on Free Links!

In Coin Master you need coins and spins to improve your village, defend it or attack other villages. Every day, the Coin Master publisher shares links on the internet offering lots of coins and spins. As we think about you, every day at Coin Master Freelinks we bring you all the new links that are released.

But because we think about you even more, we have set up a notification system that tells you when a new link is available on CoinMaster Freelinks! That way, no unnecessary back and forth, you save time, you'll get more money and we're happy about it.

How to activate notifications on Coin Master FreeLinks?

To activate the notifications is very simple, you have two solutions: either you click on the window that asks you if you want to receive the notifications, or you can activate the notifications by pressing "I want" just below.

Would you like to receive a notification when a new link is available?

The links we give you are official Coin Master links, so there is no risk to you, you are safe here .

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