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Monopoly Go! How to get shields? Tips and strategies

In Monopoly Go it is possible to protect your monuments with shields. We give you our tips to get them for free.

Monopoly Go! is a popular mobile board game that allows players to become virtual real estate tycoons. Players must buy, sell and trade properties to accumulate wealth and assets.

However, competition is fierce and it is important to protect your properties from other players' attacks. In this article, we will explain how to get shields in Monopoly Go! and how to use them to defend your properties.

How to get shields in Monopoly Go!

Shields are important items in Monopoly Go! that allow you to protect your properties from other players' attacks. They are obtained by participating in special events and by landing on special squares. Here are some tips for obtaining shields in Monopoly Go!

  • Participate in special events: Special events are one of the best ways to get shields. They are held regularly in the game and offer unique rewards to players who participate.
  • Fall on the shield squares : Shields appear randomly on your game board. To collect a shield, you must land on the exact square where it is located. If you have a dice multiplier, you will get the same number of shields as your multiplier.
  • Buy them in the store: If you really want to get shields, you can buy dice in the store so that you can play longer and increase your chances of landing on a shield square.

How to use shields in Monopoly Go?

Now that you've got shields, it's time to use them to protect your properties. Here's how to use shields in Monopoly Go!

  • Make sure you have shields: While you were away, players may have attacked your city. You have a total of 4 shields, so you have enough to protect yourself from four attacks.
  • Use them to protect your properties: When you are attacked by another player, you can use a shield to protect one of your properties. This will prevent the other player from destroying it and save you from losing money. This is done automatically.
  • Earn extra dice with shields: Once you have filled your shields to the maximum, you can always fall on the shield squares. When you fall on these squares, as you can no longer accumulate new shields. All the dice you used will be refunded, allowing you to play even longer while earning the money from the square you fell on.