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Monopoly Go! How to succeed in a bank robbery? Tips and strategies

In Monopoly Go! you can launch a bank robbery by stumbling upon one of the train stations. Here are our best tips for success!

Welcome to the exciting world of Monopoly Go, the video game that lets you become a real estate tycoon and put your strategic skills to the test! In this article, we will dive into the world of bank robbery, one of the most exciting features of Monopoly Go.

You'll discover how this daring move can help you maximize your money and gain an advantage over your opponents. So, are you ready to become an ace bank robber in Monopoly Go? Read on to find out!

What is bank robbery in Monopoly Go?

On your game board there are many different squares including 4 stations. These stations are very important because they are the squares that are probably the most profitable. They are therefore ideal for improving your cities. But why are the stations so important?

When you reach this square, two things can happen:

  • A closure: Duringa closure in Monopoly Go! you will arrive in another player's city. You will have the choice of destroying one of his buildings and thus win money. If the person you are attacking has shields, it will protect their building, but if it doesn't, you will win even more money!
  • Bank robbery: In the bank robbery, you will enter another player's bank. 9 doors will be in front of you, you will have to open these doors until you get 3 times the same symbol. Depending on the symbol, you win more or less money.

How to successfully rob a bank in Monopoly Go?

During a bank robbery in Monopoly Go!, by opening the different doors you can come across different winnings: Cash coins, bundles of money and rings. You'll need to collect 3 of these to unlock one of the rewards, knowing that :

  • Coins correspond to the small heist and bring the least amount of money.
  • The bills correspond to the big robbery and bring a lot of money.
  • Rings correspond to "bankruptcy" and bring the most money.

If we want to talk about strategy, behind the 9 doors there are 4 rings, 5 marble leashes and 3 coins. So you have a much better chance of accumulating 3 bundles of money, but that's okay! In reality, the difference between the big heist and the bank heist is quite small, so the ideal is to avoid falling on the coins as much as possible.

If you want to multiply your winnings and win even more money you can use the throw multiplier. Regularly, the Mega Bank Robbery event in Monopoly Go! takes place and allows you to get even more money.